Kinokophonography at the British Library…

Kinokophone welcomes field recordists, phonographers and curious listeners to join us for Kinokophonography.
Next Event:  Wednesday, 27th May, 2015 6:00-7:30PM.  British Library, Foyle Suite, 96 Euston Road, London, NW1 2DB

Soundwalk recording…day 01

No audio yet, still logging it. Also, very perplexed that the new DAD6001 was great, but my other old unit failed – something to do with the powering from my SD442 perhaps? Any thoughts or experiences with this? The 4060’s work fine using the MPS6030 straight into a Zoom…hmm…

Soundwalk recording…

Tomorrow: my first major field recording session in a while. I’m excited to get outdoors to discover this new place and pleased to get out from behind a camera, something which seems to take up more of my time these days.
So, got the trusty old gear together along with a brand new DAD6001 for one of my DPA 4060’s, very kindly sent out by Ralph at Sound Network as a replacement for a faulty unit…and various dry bags!
I’ll be logging my recordings on an iPad mini, so will take some snaps if anything unusual turns up, but this is the first of several sessions in Shipley over the coming weeks for an ‘audio tour’ that I’m producing, so will write more as the project starts to come together.

Field recordings now available at AudioJungle…

I’ve eventually found some time to start consolidating and re-organising the archives to make available a collection of previous field recordings. It’s a small collection at the moment and takes a while to go through QC and approval, but I’ll be editing and adding more sounds in a steady stream so please check back from time to time. Click the ants to go have a listen…

Chris Brett Headshots

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Manchester based actor, Chris Brett. Chris is a wonderful, funny and super talented guy, and great to work with. Check out his site for more info on his work.


Sam Andreae Solo album…

I have been collaborating with Sam for several months on recording and mixing his latest solo material.
Check out his site for more info and to watch some awesome videos of the work, produced by Angela Guyton.
Have a great time in Japan Sam. I. AM. NOT. JEALOUS.

Sam Andreae solo

Not only did I make a lot of noise this festive season due to the overwhelming amount of social gatherings that seemed to capture me, but I also had an opportunity to finally drag the mics out of their hiding places and work on some recordings with saxophonist Sam Andreae.

We’ve just started mixing some of the tracks but to get an idea of the kind of stuff Sam is working on, check out this super cool video made by Angela Guyton.