Field recordings now available at AudioJungle…

I’ve eventually found some time to start consolidating and re-organising the archives to make available a collection of previous field recordings. It’s a small collection at the moment and takes a while to go through QC and approval, but I’ll be editing and adding more sounds in a steady stream so please check back from time to time. Click the ants to go have a listen…

Chris Brett Headshots

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Manchester based actor, Chris Brett. Chris is a wonderful, funny and super talented guy, and great to work with. Check out his site for more info on his work.


All Other Things Being Equal at The Manchester Museum

At last, All Other Things Being Equal is set to open on 1st December 2012 and will run until 2nd June 2013.
The exhibition is a based on the research and work of scientist and photographer Johan Oldekop, including sounds by me. For this exhibition I have attempted to create an immersive quad channel sound piece that aims to place the listener on the fragile line between two very different, yet very connected, sonic environments. To get an idea of the kinds of sounds that I recorded on location and that have made the final mix, check out my project page.
Visit The Manchester Museum to find out more information, opening times and directions.

An old zither, two chopsticks and two lumps of Blu Tack…
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Look Back in Anger – The Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama

What’s On

Friday 16th September 2011

Look Back In Anger

Blackhand Productions bring this ground breaking play by John Osborne to The Martin Harris Centre in Manchester.

England, late 1950’s. Jimmy Porter, working class and university educated, lives in a one-room attic flat with Alison, his upper-middle class wife, and their gentle-tempered friend Cliff. Their already claustrophobic relationship is further unravelled by the arrival of Alison’s childhood friend Helena…

‘Look Back in Anger’ encapsulates the disaffection of post-war British youth, a revolt against political and intellectual inertia, a questioning of middle-class values and the frustration of having a university education and nowhere to go.


Please note there is smoking on stage throughout the production


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Venue: The John Thaw Studio Theatre
Time: 7:00pm
Admission Price: Evening: £8/£6 Matinee: £6/£5

Sensational Stridulation…


During a recent ‘attack them there brambles with this ‘ere machete’ session, this little fella piped up. I found his burrow and managed to place two small microphoes on either side of his stage. I had to wait a while for him to restart his performance but he eventually resurfaced to continue his wooing…


I’m no expert in Orthoptera, but from what I managed to see through the grass and using my google skills I’m pretty sure it’s a Field Cricket or Southern Field Cricket. Please feel free to correct if you know more…