Kinokophonography04 theme submission: Pyrenees Post Ramming…

For Kinokophonography04 I submitted a short recording in response to the theme of Power:



Pyrenees Post Ramming (2011) 2:39

Recorded in the French Pyrenees, this recording illustrates a tiny section of our recently completed fencing project to create a new safe home for a horse and donkey. We rammed half a kilometre of fence posts with this post rammer using nothing but our bare hands – check the POWER!!!

With small mountains to either side of the stream, louder sounds can be heard reflected throughout the valley – I attempted to capture this in the recording as it has now become a familiar characteristic of the location where Buzzard, Red Kite and Woodpecker can often be heard.



Fantastic opportunity to share your recordings with an enthusiastic group of field recordists and phonographers…check out the themed submission section for some inspiration and to get your ideas flowing!

A few experiments in the jungle…



Just found a few pics of several mic placements I made for AOTBE in Ecuador last summer. Still working with the recordings but I’m generally pretty pleased with the results. 

Sound Devices 442 field mixer 
4 x DPA 4060 miniature omni’s 
Edirol R-44 4 channel field recorder 
Zoom H2 stereo recorder 
Branches, trees, insects and bugs… 

(The time when we flee to France is getting closer. In my attempt to streamline picture posts, I’m posting this using iPhoto2Gmail to see how it works…)