Soundwalk recording…

Tomorrow: my first major field recording session in a while. I’m excited to get outdoors to discover this new place and pleased to get out from behind a camera, something which seems to take up more of my time these days.
So, got the trusty old gear together along with a brand new DAD6001 for one of my DPA 4060’s, very kindly sent out by Ralph at Sound Network as a replacement for a faulty unit…and various dry bags!
I’ll be logging my recordings on an iPad mini, so will take some snaps if anything unusual turns up, but this is the first of several sessions in Shipley over the coming weeks for an ‘audio tour’ that I’m producing, so will write more as the project starts to come together.

A few experiments in the jungle…



Just found a few pics of several mic placements I made for AOTBE in Ecuador last summer. Still working with the recordings but I’m generally pretty pleased with the results. 

Sound Devices 442 field mixer 
4 x DPA 4060 miniature omni’s 
Edirol R-44 4 channel field recorder 
Zoom H2 stereo recorder 
Branches, trees, insects and bugs… 

(The time when we flee to France is getting closer. In my attempt to streamline picture posts, I’m posting this using iPhoto2Gmail to see how it works…)