In a new collaboration with filmmaker & photographer Nick Leyland, I have recently co-produced content for Manchester company, CYMBOMUTE. Producing video and product photography content for this e-commerce business was a real joy and we are pleased that Hugh, founder and director of CYMBOMUTE, is happy with the results. We had a great time working together and with Hugh and are pretty excited about future collaborations

Chris Brett Headshots

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Manchester based actor, Chris Brett. Chris is a wonderful, funny and super talented guy, and great to work with. Check out his site for more info on his work.


Sam Andreae Solo album…

I have been collaborating with Sam for several months on recording and mixing his latest solo material.
Check out his site for more info and to watch some awesome videos of the work, produced by Angela Guyton.
Have a great time in Japan Sam. I. AM. NOT. JEALOUS.

Sam Andreae solo

Not only did I make a lot of noise this festive season due to the overwhelming amount of social gatherings that seemed to capture me, but I also had an opportunity to finally drag the mics out of their hiding places and work on some recordings with saxophonist Sam Andreae.

We’ve just started mixing some of the tracks but to get an idea of the kind of stuff Sam is working on, check out this super cool video made by Angela Guyton.

Wonderful retrospective by Kinokophone…

Originally broadcast on 1st May 2013 at 13:00 by, the show is now available to listen to on the Kinokophone Soundcloud channel…or below. Check it out to hear some beautiful field recordings from across the globe, all past submissions to Kinokophonography, and to hear the stories behind them:
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]
Find out more about the contributers here.

ShortDocs 2013 – deadline May 6th, running out of time…

I only discovered this wonderful festival and competition last week and have been rattling my brains for ideas ever since. This years theme is ‘Appetite’. For more info and to find out how to enter, check out their site:
I generally have a huge appetite for most things; food, music, sound, adventure, wine, nature, cities, cycling, travelling and specifically, due my current proximity to the sea, FISH & CHIPS with MUSHY PEAS! Hmm, maybe there’s an idea in that…
Good Luck!

Import from Posterous…dodgy audio!

I finally got around to importing my old Posterous blog into WordPress, which was pretty simple. However, it didn’t pull over any audio as WordPress requires an upgrade to host it, so I have to find time to replace old audio posts via Soundcloud as the links to the old posts will soon expire with the imminent death of Posterous…more organising I guess but the geek in me kind of enjoys it.