Please support: Kinokophone presents Kinokophonography…

An evening of sharing sound recordings from around the world!

Submitted by KinokoAmanda.

Kinokophone is a sound and storytelling collective, producing works for installations, ethnographic research, oral history projects, sound for documentary films and anything that we think is exciting and fun! We also organise Kinokophonography, an evening of listening and sharing field recordings from around the world.

We started Kinokophonography in order to help cultivate a forum through which recordists can share their work and to create a community space for listening. The event has drawn attention from far reaches of the mycelium and has incited the creation of further artistic and exploratory ethnographic works. The evenings bring together amateur and professional recordists from a variety of fields, researchers from a number disciplines, musicians, visual artists, filmmakers and people just curious to have a listen. It provides a unique and supportive environment for recordists to share and respond to sound recordings and for listeners to explore places and cultures both near and far through sounds, highlighting the importance of the role sound in everyday life.

We are very pleased that so many people have shared their recordings and voiced their support for the event. We feel this funding opportunity would enable us to continue and further develop what has become an expanding network of people interested in taking time to listen to the world. We would like to use the funds in order to invest more time in organising, curating, and promoting the event, to purchase equipment that would support the infrastructure of the event, to enable contributing artists from other towns to attend, to develop a webspace dedicated to publishing and archiving the recordings shared on the evenings and to also allocate expenses for local organisations and artists who have supported the event thus far by providing their services for free. The funding would cover the costs of three events over three months, giving Kinokphone the ability to build upon the event’s potential and to keep the mycelium of sound spores healthy and growing.

Please help Manchester’s sound recordists by voting for Kinokophonography at Umbro Industries. With your help we stand a chance of gaining extra support to continue this exciting event and keep the mycelium growing across the globe.

Pond Pondering…

All day and all night, the frogs and/or toads of this small pond in Serramitja share gossip within a cacophony of conversation:


(if you recognise the animal in this recording please let me know)

Kinokophonography04 theme submission: Pyrenees Post Ramming…

For Kinokophonography04 I submitted a short recording in response to the theme of Power:



Pyrenees Post Ramming (2011) 2:39

Recorded in the French Pyrenees, this recording illustrates a tiny section of our recently completed fencing project to create a new safe home for a horse and donkey. We rammed half a kilometre of fence posts with this post rammer using nothing but our bare hands – check the POWER!!!

With small mountains to either side of the stream, louder sounds can be heard reflected throughout the valley – I attempted to capture this in the recording as it has now become a familiar characteristic of the location where Buzzard, Red Kite and Woodpecker can often be heard.

Leaving for and arriving in the French Pyrenees…

Following a crazy two months of attempting to contact utility companies to convince them that our accounts do need to be closed as their services will no longer be required in France, packing stuff, sourcing storage for stuff (mainly in the form of charity shops and the permanent habitations of parents (thank you)), moving stuff to said storage, flying RyanAir and further supplementing the company through the use of pay-per-bag scales at Stansted: Tarbes-Lourdes airport finally welcomed us to France…on a Sunday afternoon…when there are no buses…TAXI!!!

So, to save on ink, a quick run through:

Week 1/2 – a very warm welcome.

Become acquainted with 4 dogs and a cat, fix stone path, dig manure patch, collect manure, fill manure patch, collect manure, weed, cut grass, collect logs, pile logs, play with dogs, whittle, clean barn, walk, sleep, ram fence posts, align fence posts, clear barbed wire, ram fence posts, fix electric tape to fence posts, tension electric tape, clear barn, whittle axe handle, play with dogs and so on… Amazing! And not to forget the frequent intervals with plenty of great food (oh my, oh my, the cheese!), engaging conversation, film viewing, cat fussing, hot baths, aperitifs and digestifs and the odd lecture here and there; all of which will now be referred to as the birth of our indoctrination on self sufficiency in the run up to peak oil. Brilliant! What a start to a journey…how hard can it be?

Week 3/4 – a breakdown in the post office of Lannemezan on returning to the outside world, but soon cured by a little isolation and a genuine Mongolian Yurt.

Collect wood, chop wood, stack wood, burn wood, clear woodland of leaves, burn leaves, play with dog (the chunkiest block of Labrador hill climbing muscle I ever did meet), walk, make tea in our new kellykettle (thank you, what a fantastic gift), partake in catching, slaughtering and preparing chickens (well, Java did – I was out shopping!) and more cat/dog fussing. Again, all fuelled by lovely food and home grown and prepared tea.

A couple of new tipples were sampled too. Picon, an alcoholic orange beverage of around 18% brewed specifically to add a dash of life to pilsner. A strange concept but it has actually grown on me, whether because the beer is otherwise tasteless or because it very quickly ups ones alcohol intake, I’ve yet to decide. Second on the list is a herbal spirit from the Alps called Chartreuse. An old recipe originally conceived by monks, it’s actually labelled as a liquor, hard to accept when noting its 56% ABV.

So, next up, a short trip to the Catalonian mountains to visit friends Nuria & Xavi and their six week old son Said before returning to Herault to offer more help on another smallholding…