A few experiments in the jungle…



Just found a few pics of several mic placements I made for AOTBE in Ecuador last summer. Still working with the recordings but I’m generally pretty pleased with the results. 

Sound Devices 442 field mixer 
4 x DPA 4060 miniature omni’s 
Edirol R-44 4 channel field recorder 
Zoom H2 stereo recorder 
Branches, trees, insects and bugs… 

(The time when we flee to France is getting closer. In my attempt to streamline picture posts, I’m posting this using iPhoto2Gmail to see how it works…)

Leaving the lint…



The time has come to move on from Manchester, so myself and trusty sidekick have decided to flee to the hills of Southern France.

I am going to explore some of my ideas and hopefully get sucked in to some new descoveries that await at the foothills of the Pyrenees. However, I will continue my work in sound and would welcome enquiries about production sound and/or audio post for documentary so please drop me an email. I will have a limited amount of equipment with me in order to do this and will remain flexible wherever a project requires this.

Please spread the word – I won’t be able to survive forever without some work, well at least my cheese habit won’t!

jon@astafilms.com | jon@kinokophne.com


Exploring Divcibare, Serbia…

I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in this small ski town south of Belgrade. Armed with an Edirol R-1 with no windjammer or headphones, I set about exploring the area. This is collection of some of my recordings…


[wpvideo EqqCndES]