Leaving the lint…



The time has come to move on from Manchester, so myself and trusty sidekick have decided to flee to the hills of Southern France.

I am going to explore some of my ideas and hopefully get sucked in to some new descoveries that await at the foothills of the Pyrenees. However, I will continue my work in sound and would welcome enquiries about production sound and/or audio post for documentary so please drop me an email. I will have a limited amount of equipment with me in order to do this and will remain flexible wherever a project requires this.

Please spread the word – I won’t be able to survive forever without some work, well at least my cheese habit won’t!

jon@astafilms.com | jon@kinokophne.com


Beat Surrender at Manchester Library Theatre


Congratulations to all those involved in Beat Surrender for getting to RE:PLAY 2011, you deserve it!!!

For those who haven’t already seen this great piece of theatre, I highly recommend it. A great story with a great cast. Ace!

Get your tickets here: http://www.librarytheatre.com/event/beat-surrender