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As one of the founding members of Asta Films, a multimedia production collective based in Manchester UK, my experience lies within sound production, both on location and in the studio.

I have a wealth of wealth of experience as a sound editor and dubbing mixer spanning many genres, but specialise in audio-post production for observational documentary having worked in this area on over sixty short and feature length films.

Most recently my passion for travel and new experiences has influenced me to focus on phonography and location sound. My knowledge and experience from post-production has informed my practice in the field, providing me with a grounded appreciation of the entire process and expertise within smaller, HDV productions.

My kit includes:

Sound Devices 442 field mixer
Edirol R-44 4-track field recorder
Audio Technica BP4027 M/S shotgun microphone
Various other condenser/dynamic microphones
Cans/Boom/Windjammer/cables & accessories
Access to various miniature microphones and radio kits
NP-1 batteries and adapter

MacBook Pro
Digidesign 002 Rack/MBox 2 Pro with Pro Tools LE 8

Canon EOS 350D with various lenses & flash for documenting/archival use.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your project requirements.

Jon Tipler
+44 (0)7766050556

Skype: stinkhorn3

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